Feasibility studies and solution analysis

The contribution of a structural engineer can have a major impact on the success of a project. The earlier their involvement in the design occurs, the greater the opportunities for identifying efficient solutions and avoiding cost and delay-generating elements. An experienced partner will know from the outset, through a few preliminary analyses, the direction in which the best solutions lie and will be able to guide the team on the shortest path towards them.
The contribution of a design engineer can prevent the acquisition of unsuitable land or one that would bring additional costs to the foundation of future structures, can inform cost analyses through preliminary estimates, and can help streamline the process of defining future technological or goods flows.


The involvement of the team at Gapa in projects often begins with the development of preliminary data for various studies that will underpin the preparation of technical documentation. Together with the geotechnical engineer and other members of the design team, the initial form of the project is established, and the documentation required for authorization (DTAC) is issued. The design team then elaborates the technical project (PT), based on which the selection of the contractor can be organized. Often in collaboration with the contractor, the designer then develops the execution details (PT+DE). After completing the design, the team’s mission continues with on-site participation in decisive phases, in accordance with legal requirements. In most projects, the design contract also includes execution monitoring services, ensuring technical support until the completion of construction works.


  • Structural design of facade systems
    Since its inception, the Gapa team has been involved in the creation of facade structures for a number of iconic projects such as Unirii View, Sema Park, Iulius Mall Timișoara, Riviera Cluj-Napoca, and Oregon Park phase 2.
  • Design of industrial floor systems
    An integral part of standard design services for logistics developments, floor design has over time become an independent area of activity due to specific industry demands. Structural design of floors supporting seismic racks is mandatory according to design codes.
  • Design and detailing of precast reinforced concrete structures with prestressed elements
    Over the years, the Gapa team has successfully provided design services for most of the major precast element manufacturers in Romania. Over time, the efficiency of these collaborations has increased as the team has accumulated information about the specificities of each factory and developed working relationships with their representatives.