The GAPA team is a community of energetic engineers, eager to create efficient solutions, always ready to respond to any challenges due to the collaborative approach, high technical level, the desire for the development of each member, and the passion for the profession of structural creator.
Our values represent us, guide us in our daily activities, and bring us together in a way that the team’s ability exceeds the sum of the individual skills of its members.

Our office is a friendly yet professional environment where we encourage continuous learning and the development of all those skills and qualities that make up the profile of a perfect engineer:
– Ethics,
– Communication skills,
– Capacity for developing structural concepts, structural analysis, and structural element desig
– Mastery of necessary knowledge about materials used,
– Knowledge of construction techniques and specific technologies,
– Understanding of sustainability aspects and environmental protection,
– Knowledge of health and safety aspects,
– Management skills,
– Commercial and legal knowledge and skills.

If your values match those of our team send us your CV to [email protected].